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Beryllium Production Branch of Ulba Metallurgical Plant JSC (UMP)

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Beryllium Production Branch of Ulba Metallurgical Plant JSC (UMP) is celebrating the 60th anniversary on 20th May, 2011. Beryllium Production Branch is one of the three fully integrated beryllium producers in the world: from beryllium concentrate processing up to producing finished products of the required quality specifications. UMP beryllium satisfies one thirds of demands on the world beryllium market. 

Beryllium products and alloys are used in electronics and communications, machine building, gas and oil industry. Beryllium production branch has close contacts with the permanent partners in the USA and Europe. UMP together with Russian Federation established the joint venture - BerylliUm. The plant is taking active measures to promote its beryllium products on Japan and China markets. In 2004 the plant founded the subsidiary in the free trade zone in China - Ulba-China Co., Ltd. In 2008 the first production facilities were put into operation at Yingtan Ulba Shine Metal Materials JV established together with the Chinese partner in China. The joint venture produces rolled products of beryllium alloys.

Chairman of board of directors of Kazatoprom NNC Vladimir Shkolnik in the speech on the occasion of this outstanding event said the following:
– Beryllium used only for the military applications at the beginning is widely applied in tens of fields and of high demand in many industries recently. The fact that the very demands are satisfied is also the achievement of UMP. Beryllium products of UMP have become one of the leaders on the world market and constantly fortify positions. Kazatomprom NNC is proud to have under control a science-driven company with professional employees who can solve any set tasks and targets. 

There are many outstanding achievements of the employees of Beryllium production branch of UMP. Just after few years following the production of the first beryllium oxide, Beryllium production started to produce elements of electronic devices for aviation and rocket industry.
In the mid 60-s UMP established production of beryllium metal and its products. They were used both in national defense and nuclear energy fields during implementing Space Programme. For example, it was used to produce a number of parts of the famous lunar vehicle “Lunohod”, space shuttle “Buran”. Beryllium of UMP JSC is used as a neutron reflector in nuclear reactors, also used in aviation and machine industry.

UMP JSC was awarded the USSR State awards for the development of the technology of beryllium metal extraction, for the production of the new ceramic material for the needs of radio electronics, and was awarded the Prize of Council of Ministers for the development of the beryllium based cast alloys for airspace devices.

With supporting of government and President of Kazakhstan beryllium production has renewed after crisis of 90ths and now it is progressively developing. In June 2000, UMP began to obtain beryllium ingots. At the same time, we have been working on new production projects to meet up-to-date consumer needs. We put our efforts to gain a foothold on the market. And we have reached this aim.

The facilities for beryllium bronze were created at short notice.
Carbothermic copper-beryllium master alloy shop was started up in May 2002. At present technologies of beryllium production, allow producing wide range of products with unique properties. For example, there is a possibility to produce beryllium based components for international thermonuclear experimental reactor incorporated in creation process developed countries of the world. International workshop on beryllium of 2009 year taken place in our country organized by Kazatomprom and UMP is advanced positions of Kazakhstan and Ulba Metallurgical plant acknowledgment. Russian magazine “Tsvetnye metally” published articles dedicated to 60th Anniversary of beryllium production.

Many guests from many countries of the world came to 60th Anniversary celebration. There are business partners and ULBA oldsters among them. Yuri Shakhvorostov devoted to beryllium more than quarter of century acting as chairman of board of directors hearty congratulated beryllium team and persons who have been working self-sacrificing during establishing years.

For the Anniversary many veterans and workers of beryllium production were given grateful letters of NAC “Kazatomprom” chairman of board of directors, Kazatomprom and UMP certificates of honour.

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